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    Every 14 seconds,
    a parent dies of AIDS.

    The eldest child—often a girl as young as 11—is left to care for her siblings.

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    This new family unit is left to fend for itself.

    Adults take away the children’s property, if they had any to begin with. They have no food, no water, no shelter. Determined to keep her family together, the oldest daughter quits school and turns to begging, stealing or worse—prostitution—to feed her siblings.

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    If she's really unlucky...

    She likely contracts AIDS and gets pregnant. Now she’s sick and there are more mouths to feed.

You can stop this cycle.

With very little effort, you can make a big difference.

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    First we need to keep these kids alive.

    In Ethiopia, India and South America, the orphans have nothing. Nothing. They sleep huddled together in a hut, near train tracks or in sewers, on the verge of starvation. The Religious Teachers Filippini, through the Orphans Rising project, provides many children with food, clean water, and shelter, the first step in helping them build a life of dignity. Feeding a child for a day isn’t the solution, but it is a necessity if there is going to be a tomorrow for them.

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    Then we need to teach them.

    Kids in the Orphans Rising schools spend the morning learning traditional subjects and the afternoon learning a trade, such as sewing, farming or how to run a small business. We give them the skills they need to provide for their families, to survive.

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    With your help, they can
    build a dignified life.

    Our graduates leave school with the skills and necessities to create a sustainable life. They often start a business—a dress shop or a pizza hut, a chicken farm or an ice cream stand. They have beaten the odds and are on their way. You have helped break the cycle.